2 Ton Garage Jack & 2 Ton Axle Stands Set

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2 Ton Powerbuilt Garage Jack:
Meets ANSI specifications
Easy to use, lightweight and portable
Heavy duty swiveling cast iron saddle
Built in safety valve prevents overloading
Features two fixed and two castor wheels
Lifting range: 135mm to 330mm

2 Ton Powerbuilt Axle Stands:
Meets ANSI specifications
Heavy duty stamped steel frames with fully welded seams
4-Point wide stance design for maximum load stability
Ratchet design for easy positioning
Ductile ratchet iron bar
Sold per pair
Support range: 263mm to 415mm

Note: Powerbuilt Lift equipment is made to American standards therefore ‘Tons’ is an American Ton (2000lb)
For example; 2 Ton (4000lb) = 1814kg

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