Cat® 3 Ton / 2,700Kg Big Wheel Off-Road Hybrid Jack

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The Cat® Big Wheel Off Road Jack is the perfect for all types of trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, Lift and Off-Road Vehicles. The jack has a bottom skid plate to keep the jack stable and level on soft surfaces like sand or gravel.
The Adapter included increases the overall maximum lift height by 195mm.
The large wheels make this jack easy to maneuver on any surface whether in the desert or on the road.

Any person that owns a larger Truck or SUV type vehicle should have one of these jacks. The Hybrid Steel / Aluminium construction keeps the overall weight of the jack down so it is easier to handle, position & store.

Lifting Range: 150mm – 545mm, (Up to 740mm with Adapter Extension)
Weight: 38.6kg (nw)

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