Cat® 480mm/19” Machete With Shoulder Strap & Sheath

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When you need to cut, slice, and chop through thick brush or need a durable camping blade, the CAT Machete is your perfect solution.
The 315mm stainless steel blade is long and light enough for prolonged brush clearing while durable enough for chopping duty. The combination fine edge & saw back blade is finished with a straight back style tip for added strength.
Double injection comfort handle allows for more control resulting in all-day precision cutting.
Included is a CAT branded black nylon sheath with a belt loop and shoulder strap for multiple carry options. It also includes a paracord lanyard for safe blade retention.

Stainless steel, rugged tanto blade with fine edge and saw back
Rubberized handle offers comfort and sure grip
Includes lanyard & nylon sheath storage pouch
Overall length: 530mm/21”, blade length: 360mm

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