GrizzlyPRO LED Rechargeable Headlight Scorpion

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Grizzlys Scorpion headlight offers four light functions to suit varied demands on the go. A lightweight and comfortable quality light. The adjustable elastic headband can easily be adjusted for your kind of comfort.

Headlights offer a practical solution without compromising function. With hands-free it offers you convenience on the farm or in the workshop. It’s also the perfect accessory for low light sports and outdoor recreation. The Grizzly Scorpion headlight is also equipped with a red light, ideal for hunters’ night vision, plus a motion sensor function that can be set on or off.

The Grizzly Scorpion headlight lens can be turned left or right for a zoom in/out effect of the light’s coverage. Zoom in gives more widespread light, whereas zoom out gives a more concentrated focused light. Equipped with a battery level indicator, easily recharge the headlight when required with the supplied USB Micro charging cable.

Lumens: 500 Lumens high, 250 lumens low
Colour temperature: 5700k
USB (5V 1A) Rechargeable lithium-ion internal battery 1800mah, 3.7V
Run time up to 4 hours
Charging time approx. 4 Hours
Overall dimensions: 65mm x 45mm x 48mm (without headband)
Waterproof level: IP65
Includes USB Micro charging cable

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