GrizzlyPRO LED Rechargeable Work Light Polar Pro

GrizzlyPRO rechargeable lighting solution is compact, reliable and
portable. Integrated with long-lasting COB LED technology, these
models are a proven series chosen by the professionals.

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Lighten up folks! GrizzlyPRO brings you the Polar Pro LED rechargeable work light. Illuminating a mighty 2200 lumens through the long-lasting integrated COB LED technology, the Polar Pro shines at the best colour temperature of 5700K (daylight) ensuring you have the best colour of light to work with at all times.

GrizzlyPRO lights project a wash light. A “wash” will bathe an area with light and have “soft” edges on the beam. Washes are great for evenly lighting up large areas.

The Grizzly Polar Pro has two light settings, high and low. The incorporated adjustable stand allows you to angle the Polar Pro to your desired light projection. Additional functionality from the stand allows you to hang, sit, secure with the built-in magnets or mount it on a tripod.

GrizzlyPRO is designed for the toughest of environments, with heavy-duty aluminium cast and industrial ABS housing, it provides robust strength and durability, making it suitable for home users to professional workers such as tradies and mechanics, who can use this for early morning starts or vehicle inspections where light can be limited.

With the work lights USB-C power outlet, the device acts as a power bank allowing you to charge your phone or device on the go.

The Grizzly Pro rechargeable series really does pack quite the punch.

Lumens: 2,200 Lumens high, 1,100 lumens low, 20W
Colour temperature: 5700k
USB (5V 2A) Rechargeable lithium-ion internal battery 4,400mah, 3.7V
Run time approx. 4 hours high, 6 hours low
Charging time approx. 2.5 hours
Battery level indicator: Yes
Integrated magnet: Yes
Overall dimensions: 190mm x 165mm x 45mm
Waterproof level: IP65
Includes USB Type-C charging cable

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