Grizzly 150 Lumen LED Rechargeable Pen Light

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Grizzly LED Pen Light is handy and bright. Keep it in your pocket or toolbox to take the light with you wherever you go.
Designed with a ‘spotlight’ at the tip, allowing a direct beam of light on your subject. Together with a ‘wash light’ with 2 brightness settings coming from the main body light, enabling a wider surface light.

Grizzly gives you full control of your Pen light’s direction with a built-in pocket clip and magnet attached to the back of the light. Ideal for mechanics, tradespeople or those who have demands for light right at their fingertips.

Lumens: Spotlight 80 Lumens, Wash light 150 lumens high, 80 lumens low
USB (5V 1A) Rechargeable lithium-ion internal battery 700mah
Run time approx. 4 hours
Battery level indicator: No
Integrated magnet: Yes
Overall dimensions: 180mm x 32mm x 20mm

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