GrizzlyPRO LED Work Light Edge 6500Lm

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Fun fact: Putting the GrizzlyPRO Edge LED work light too close to you would not be the brightest idea! Its cool white light is no match for your eyes but is ideal for painters and plasterers when working or screening workmanship. With long-lasting integrated SMD LED technology, the Grizzly Edge shines at the best colour temperature of 5700K (daylight) ensuring you have the best colour of light to work with at all times.

GrizzlyPRO lights project a wash light. A “wash” will bathe an area with light and have “soft” edges on the beam. Washes are great for evenly lighting up large like architecture, walls, workshops and construction sites.

Grizzly has incorporated a clean slimline design for the Edge series, allowing it to look slick when placed outdoors or indoors or to save space when stored. The Edge work light is easy to use. Simply place it down on its base, hang it, or secure it to a tripod and plug in the power cord and switch it on.

The heavy-duty cast aluminium and industrial ABS housing provide strength and durability, with an industrial powder-coated aluminium frame & padded carry handle, you can easily adjust the frame to the desired light angled for your application.

GrizzlyPRO makes sure your toughest, dirtiest jobs are well-lit and safe.

Lumens: 6,500 Lumens high, 50W
Colour temperature: 5700k cool white
Overall dimensions: 300mm x 213mm x 183mm (incl base)
230V 50Hz
1.5M Power cord
Waterproof level: IP65
SAA Approved

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