Qbrick System PRO 3Drawer Toolbox Expert

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Qbrick System PRO Toolbox Expert is a capacious, modular toolbox equipped with pull-out drawers on metal guides.
A convenient button provides easy access to their content.
A comfortable carry handle ensures easy transportation and independent use.
Content identification is ensured by a place for a label secured with a polycarbonate overlay.
Automatic drawer locking system to avoid sliding out and losing tools.
Side polyamide connectors allow for easy connection with other modules from the PRO and ONE lines (using Vario covers or the Multi Adapter).

Equipped with 9 adjustable partitions and 21 containers (7 on each shelf) that allow you to organize both longitudinal and small workshop accessories.
Dimensions: 450 x 310 x 244 mm
Capacity: 4.5L

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