Discover the peak of storage solutions: Qbrick System PRO!
This extraordinary waterproof and dustproof innovation serves as your ultimate mobile workshop, ensuring the safety and security of your tools in any setting. Embrace the freedom of modularity and compatibility. Enabling you to personalise and extend your storage capabilities according to your requirements. What’s more? System PRO seamlessly integrates with Qbrick System ONE, forming an unbeatable alliance to fulfil all your storage demands.

Qbrick System connectors have great impact resistance. Made of technical polyamide, which quality provides high durability without risk of corrosion. 

Qbrick System latches ensure that your toolbox remains tightly sealed, preventing any accidental openings and giving you peace of mind in any working environment.

Qbrick System PRO toolboxes are resistant to water and dust. With hermetic watertight seals, they provide full protection against the ingress of dust and water (IP66).

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